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Polish saber covers the use of that nation's iconic weapon.

Richard Marsden covers the history of Poland, the design of the weapon and provides sources from numerous countries to help better define how the saber was used.

Developed over two years with a team of international researchers, this hardback book contains hundreds of full-color, high-quality images, history, texts, first and second hand accounts, interpretations and more.

Researchers, re-enactors and HEMA practitioners interested in Poland and the saber are sure to find what they need.


Historical European Martial Arts (HEMA) is based on reading source material to recreate the lost martial arts of Europe. While reading the treatises and performing depicted techniques helps understand HEMA, there is more to it. 

The sources were not written and illustrated in a vacuum, but rather in a rich and complicated world. Historical European Martial Arts in its Context places the sources in a time and place with details about single-combat, duels, tournaments, self-defense, war as well as the Masters and their treatises. 

Richard Marsden approaches the 'why' behind the treatises and delves into Europe's martial culture from the 14th through 18th century. HEMA is thus explored on the blood-soaked fields of battle, in the dark alleys of dangerous cities, and under the shade of trees where illicit duels might be fought.



The Flower of Battle (Getty) is a re-creation of the original manuscript by Fiore de Liberi. Translated by Colin Hatcher, designed by Tracy Mellow to match the original, with a forward by Richard Marsden, this work is a must have for anyone interested in Italian Martial Arts.

Fiore was a mercenary, officer of the peace, and above all, weapons master who taught the elite of late 14th and early 15th century Italy. His work includes text on art in the use of numerous weapons including,



Sword in One Hand

Sword in Two Hands


Pole Axe

Mounted Combat

As well as numerous odds and ends, including the use of a marshal's baton, blinding powder, and a type of lasso.