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Richard Marsden is history teacher by trade and also the co-founder of the

Historical European Martial Arts club, the Phoenix Society and has been fencing for 

over 20 years. He is currently the President of the Board of Directors for the HEMA

Alliance. He has a Masters in Land Warfare, and is the author of HEMA in its Historical

Context, Polish Saber, the Traveling Tyrant series, and an RPG game. He teaches 

history for a living and his wife tolerates his many eccentricities. 


Combat Con (Early August)

Purple Heart Open (Mid August)

Taiwan (Exiel) TBA

What can Richard do?

HEMA (Historical European Martial Arts)

HEMA and its Context - A history of the source material as well as its cultural place in 

history. Topics range from tournaments, to duels, to personal violence and warfare.

HEMA today - The current HEMA movement, changes, growth and challenges.

Teaching HEMA - Strategies to teach an audience, both large and small with a focus

on communication, proper use of drills, and methodology.

HEMA overview - A look at a variety of weapons and systems from the 14th to the

18th century including techniques.

Dealing with the insane and the great - A historical view of how to combat 'bad' 

fencing as well as 'superior' fencing.

Writing HEMA 

How HEMA can apply to fiction writing and where it does not.


What is HEMA? 

Teaching strategies in HEMA

The Context and History of HEMA

Recreating Martial Arts

Fiore de Liberi

Fiore 101 - An introduction to Fiore and the weapons used in the Flower of Battle

Fiore 201 - Advanced techniques from Fiore's Flower of Battle

Fiore's Dagger - The use and context of Fiore's dagger, including Fiore's wrestling

Fiore's Spear - The use and context of Fiore's spear 

Fencing with Fiore - How to use Fiore's art in a sparring context

Fiore Everything - An intensive seminar that covers the whole gambit of Fiore's art and

its use.

Polish Saber 

Polish Saber Short Seminar - An quick overview of Polish culture and the use of the 

Polish saber.

Polish Saber Long Seminar - An intensive seminar that covers Polish culture, 

the saber, compared systems, techniques and training games.

Italian Rapier

Rapier Transitions - A survey of early, middle and late period rapier.

Giganti 101 - An introduction to Giganti's rapier and 17th century Italian rapier.

Giganti 201 - Advanced techniques as well as work from Giganti's 2nd book.

Giganti Long Seminar - An intensive seminar covering all of Giganti's work.

The Phoenix Society of Historical Swordsmanship also has members who can cover 

wide range of other topics including, sword and buckler, great sword, side 

sword,  pugilism, 18th century small sword, Fabris rapier, 19th century dueling saber, 

and much more! 


Cost varies. I usually need my flights and accommodations covered and sometimes 

will bring an assistant (I cover their flight if you can't- but do try. We put on a good


show). Other Phoenix Society members may have


different rates. Just ask! 

Past Seminar Appearances

Socal Swordfight - California

Longpoint - Maryland

Combat Con - Nevada

The Forge - Alberta

Purple Heart Open - Texas

Blood and Iron - British Columbia

Swordsquatch -Washington

Pittsburgh Broken Plow - Pennsylvania 

Iowa Fencing Guild - Iowa

Puerto Rico Historical Fencing - Puerto Rico

Saber Legion - Minnesota

Heavy Fencing Club - Alberta